Bidet basic installation

Bidet Premium installation


Does the Bidet attachment need electrical power connection ?

No. Bidet is powered by the water flow. No electrical connectionor batteries required.

Do i need special tools to install the bidet attachment ?

No special tools are required. You will need
– Adjustable wrench
– Screwdriver
– Paper towels
Premium Bidet Only
– Drill ( to feed hot water line into vanity )

Will Eco-Splash Bidet fit my Toilet ?

Our Bidet Attachments are design to fit majority of toilets without any problems. If you have any questions please contact one of our agents.

Do i need to buy any extra parts to install ?

No. You bidet comes with all parts necessary for the installation the box contains:

Bidet Basic
– Bidet
– 1 Hose
– 1 T Connector
– Installation manual

Bidet Premium
– Bidet
– 2 Hoses
– 2 T Connectors
– Installation manual

Where does the jet aim ?

The Jet Sprayer aim is adjustable with a knob you can select to spay for men, women, and one for self cleaning of the jets.